Mbari Cultural and Art Center, Owerri

hotel balcony The centre serves as a tourist attraction as well as being significant for the culture, tradition and history of the Igbo people. Mbari House is a traditional arts and crafts centre, which shelters sculptures and artefacts of the Igbo people. The house tells stories of the lives and tradition of the Igbo people and boasts artistic representations of several deities. The centre is a three dimensional cultural facility, made up of the Mbari House, Mbari Museum Kitchen and an amphitheatre. It is situated at Ikenegbu in Imo State about 20mins drive from Famous Suites.

Nekede Zoo

hotel balcony Nekede Zoo is located at the old Nekede in Owerri and is fully-equipped garden where visitors can admire different types of animals such as Ostrich, Lions, Monkeys, Pythons, Guerrillas and Crocodiles.Just 20 mins drive from Famous Suites.

Amusement Park, Owerri

hotel balcony It is a recreation park created for people of all ages. There are train toys built on tracks for children, you might like to visit as you come to Famous Suite. Its just a stone throw from Famous Suites.